Sundial champagne gold

Sundial champagne gold

Sundial champagne gold

For the most beautiful season of the year and all those who don’t mind about a few seconds here and there: The sundial from NOMOS Glashütte, here in a fine champagne gold, manages without wheels, a crown, or hands and still knows the time of day. Just set the date ring, turn the ring towards the sun, and let the light fall through the hole. A sunbeam on the inside of the sundial will show the time in Glashütte.


Gold-plated stainless steel, 23kt

19 mm (inner side)

10 mm

Special features
Can be worn on the finger or on a leather strap around the neck

How it works
1. Let the sun shine on the sundial.
2. Set the middle date ring with the hole to the current date.
3. Hold up the sundial and turn it to the direction of the sun, so that light shines through the hole.
4. The time will be shown on the inner side of the ring.