Hand-wound movements

It all started with Alpha. Today, a quarter-century later, the watchmakers at NOMOS Glashütte produce six different hand-wound movements, including two haute horlogerie calibers, which tick inside the gold watches. To make their high quality clear, these new calibers from NOMOS Glashütte are engraved with the title “NOMOS Glashütte Deutsche Uhrenwerke” or DUW for short. This name stands for fine watchmaking at its best: A movement that bears this title is constructed according to the rules of traditional craftsmanship and with great attention to detail in Glashütte. Up to 95 percent of its value is produced on-site in the NOMOS workshops—making it a movement fit for a watch to last a lifetime.

The movements

With a power reserve indicator, a date, or with both at once, as a tonneau-shaped caliber, classically round—or perfectly simple, without complications: Every movement that leaves the NOMOS Glashütte workshops is unique. With an individualized movement number, perlage and ribbing polish—and adjusted by hand to chronometer-capable levels of accuracy in six positions.

Details classics

High-tech and handcraft: The team from the Research & Development Department brings both aspects together. And so always ensures good news.

Rubies serve as bearings for pinions and as oil reservoirs. Inserting them is taken care of by machines—which are exact down to the fraction of a millimeter.

The rubies in the pallet of the NOMOS swing system are held in place with shellac: Small pieces of this naturally-occurring material are heated and teased out into hair-thin threads before they can be used.

A glimpse into the heart of the NOMOS chronometry: This is where the winding mechanism and gear train are inserted (while a few watches are riding the Ferris wheel in the background, do you see them?)

Quality control. One of over 50 tests that every watch has to pass before it may leave the NOMOS workshops—this Metro Datum Gangreserve is ready and on the way to a retailer, then to your wrist.

Details gold collection

An investment on the wrist: Gold chatons polished with elder pith are just one example of the exquisite features within the movements of these watches.

Watches that make value tangible: Craftsmanship at its best, with many wonderful details. And each one is unique.

A workshop with a view: Here, in the NOMOS chronometry high up in the valley, is where the NOMOS Atelier is also located.

The balance cock: hand-beveled and engraved with “Mit Liebe in Glashütte gefertigt” (lovingly produced in Glashütte).

For the gold collection, the clicks at NOMOS Glashütte have been polished on a tin plate—with a paste made from the finest diamond dust.

The sapphire crystal glass back of Lambda Roségold presents many Glashütte specialties: screwed gold chatons, beveled edges, swan neck fine adjustment, and fine sunburst polishing, to name just a few.

Watchmaking pride with a 42-millimeter diameter: Lambda Roségold. Here it presents a rare glimpse into its inner workings.


Plenty of tradition and handcraft—combined with high-tech, where it outperforms handcraft: That is NOMOS Glashütte. All our movements are built in-house and by ourselves in Glashütte. This also applies to our watches—Tangente, Orion, Zürich and all the other models—many of which are already considered classics. You can find out how we do this by visiting us in Glashütte and taking a tour. In the meantime, this short film can give you a first impression of what we do.


To date, NOMOS Glashütte has released twelve watch models and four collections totaling about ninety different versions. So there is much more to discover—find a selection of models with hand-wound calibers here.