The NOMOS design classic: Tangente has been ticking since 1992, almost unchanged, eternally stunning. Pictured here, sketches and blueprints from the early days.

Sketches, color, and material samples: Creating the perfect watchstrap also requires the time, patience and creativity of seasoned craftsmen.

Renowned for his furniture, lamp and glass design, Berlin designer Mark Braun is also responsible for the distinctive lines of the NOMOS Metro. A classic you can take everywhere.

Brand new and already winning awards (and already with a long waiting list): NOMOS Metro, here in version Metro 38 Datum stadtschwarz.

NOMOS design: transcendent timepieces

Excellent watchmaking from Glashütte and Switzerland has so far been a rather conservative affair—visually at least. NOMOS Glashütte, however, proves that you can find both at once, that they are not mutually exclusive: Top rate watchmaking with traditional Glashütte specialties can come together with truly modern design to create something very special indeed. 

Models from NOMOS Glashütte combine both, the fine interior of their calibers with the sophisticated shape of their cases and dials.

Both NOMOS standard collection in stainless steel and Lux and Lambda, the haute horologie models in gold, also reflects NOMOS’ involvement with the Deutscher Werkbund and its conceptual proximity to the Bauhaus school of design—all characterized by restraint, not hype. You could also say that NOMOS Glashütte produces timepieces that withstand the test of time. 

All the designs are seasoned with a fine pinch of Berlin; the cosmopolitan, polyglot, art-loving, and sometimes slightly crazy side of this town. Designers at NOMOS Glashütte’s in-house creative agency, Berlinerblau, ensure this is the case.

Fine design from Berlin: Berlinerblau, the NOMOS-daughter company, is where watches (and websites) are developed.

Design requires tremendous effort, good design requires even more: draft sketches for the gold Lambda case.

Meticulously handcrafted, in living color: the gold Lux with dials in gray, lime-yellow, and aubergine.

Berlinerblau: NOMOS’ in-house creative agency in Berlin

NOMOS produces fine watches in Glashütte; the complete watchmaking company works there. Berlin, however—the European capital for art and design a two hour and ten minute drive north of Glashütte—is where the NOMOS in-house creative agency Berlinerblau is based. Here, in the heart of Kreuzberg, next to the canal surrounded by art galleries, bicycle stores, juice bars, and chic cafes, across from the farmers market and within earshot of the bustling street below, everything that isn’t directly related to constructing watches is done. This is where catalogs are written, which we hope you enjoy reading. This is where short films are shot, posters are designed, websites developed, watches photographed, stands and packaging created—and watch designs as well. Around 30 people work here with passion, commitment, and of course joy for NOMOS Glashütte.

Renowned designers and artists such as Simon Husslein and Stephan Hürlemann from Studio Hannes Wettstein, Tilman Wendland, Karin Sieber, Axel Kufus, Mark Braun and Werner Aisslinger, Sarah Illenberger, Thomas Höhnel, Michael Paul, Florian Braun, and many others work in this growing team (some full-time, some freelance, managed by Judith Borowski). Either separately or together, they search for the best solutions for cases, dials, crowns, hands, case decorations, and watch presentation respectively. Whether Lux and Lambda, Zürich, Metro, Tangente or Orion: Sometimes, in a modest way, we are also a little proud of all the multiple prizewinning watches from NOMOS Glashütte. After all, they are not only particularly fine. They are also perhaps the most beautiful things that can happen to a wrist.