Tetra is one of two NOMOS models that does not have a round case, a shape watch, as it is called in the business. Many think of it as Tangente’s more angular sister. It may at first seem to be simply a rectangular Tangente: Its typography is similar, but not identical. Tetra has more modern numbers, without any little serifs.

Since the hands move with a circular motion, most people associate a watch with roundness. Consequently, rectangular watches often do not sell as well as rounded ones. In some ways, this is also the case with Tetra. In accordance with demand, the watchmakers in Glashütte assemble fewer units of the Tetra than of the round models. (In fact, they are not entirely unhappy about this, since it is more difficult to construct rectangular watches. Making them water-resistant requires a huge amount of work and the result is nothing less than a tiny masterpiece.) Nevertheless, those who do purchase the Tetra love it with a passion. Some wrists simply look better with the Tetra than with a round watch.

As mechanical watches go, the Tetra—the name itself even sounds a bit rectangular—is extremely flat. The case horns, those points to which the strap attaches, could almost be called delicate. By a doubling of the horns, it has become possible to use a narrower strap. Tetra comes in two different sizes with hand-wound movement—as well as a tick larger and with automatic winding as part of the neomatik series.

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