This is the secret favorite at NOMOS Glashütte; nearly all our designers wear it. It is the verve of its case and the curvature of its glass that are reminiscent of other eras. The watch’s lines give it a greater sense of softness and emotion, making it pleasing to wrist, arm, and eyes. This watch is a prime example of perfect restraint and is the strongest proof that NOMOS watches are not just reliable timepieces, but also pieces of jewelry of the most beautiful kind. Orion’s curves are also the inspiration for its name. When viewed from the side, this lens-shaped watch (particularly the version with the domed sapphire crystal glass back) resembles a UFO or spaceship. Indeed, even its name is rich with celestial connotations.

Orion appears even flatter than other models from NOMOS Glashütte. A highly modern watch that is clearer, more powerful, and more elegant than other watches that came before it. Precisely for this reason, it is timeless—a watch for a lifetime.

Orion is unisex, like almost all NOMOS watches, and comes with either white (silver-plated), anthracite, or gentle rose colored face. The indexes can be silver-plated or gold-plated and the steel hands either rhodium-plated, gold-plated, or blue tempered. All Orion models have a sapphire crystal glass back, some also come with a steel back. For the first time and entirely new in the neomatik series, NOMOS Glashütte is presenting the watch with an automatic caliber. Thanks to DUW 3001, Orion remains as slender as a hand-wound in this version as well. 

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