Glashütte Ahoi! The dial is reminiscent of the classic Tangomat model, yet this is a more recent design—and more upbeat, sportier, more modern than most other watches out there, whether in brilliant white, dark Atlantic blue, or completely new in siren red and siren blue. The aligned bezel, elegantly domed watch glass, and crown guard make for the perfect figure (on the beach). The combination of the back, held firm with six screws, and the screw-down crown ensures that everything stays tightly sealed down to 20 atm, or 200 meters. This is because Ahoi—like all of the watches in the Aqua series—is water resistant according to NOMOS’ exacting test standards, which are based on the DIN 8306 standard for diver’s watches. Ahoi comes with a waterproof, woven textile strap and a winged clasp specially designed for this watch. Ahoi comes in two sizes: A 40-millimeter version with or without a date display, and a reliable and highly precise automatic movement setting the pace within; the smaller models, with the classic diameter of 36 millimeters, are powered by the newest of the ten in-house built movements from NOMOS Glashütte: the ultra-thin automatic caliber, DUW 3001.

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