In-house production at NOMOS Glashütte

A mechanical watch lives and dies by its movement. The make-up of the caliber determines the quality of a watch’s craftsmanship and decides whether a producer can call itself a manufacturer or not. Since the movements are what lie at the heart of its watches, NOMOS Glashütte constructs them itself. Nothing can be taken for granted in the world of watches, not even cases with timepieces that are much more expensive than those at NOMOS. The numbers speak for themselves: There are less than 20 companies that produce their own calibers worldwide.

DUW 3001, the latest NOMOS caliber, is the tenth in-house built caliber from the watchmaking company. Between 75 and 95 percent of the value added to a NOMOS caliber is done directly in Glashütte—an extremely high amount, since the law only stipulates a minimum of 50 percent in order to qualify for the Glashütte label. It is only certain specific pieces, such as the rubies used as jewel bearings or the Incabloc shock protection, which our watchmaking workshops must obtain from third parties.

At NOMOS, production is carried out according to the criteria of the Deutscher Werkbund. The utilization of modern lasers and CNC machines is supplemented with a high level of handcraft, which rests on a century long tradition of watchmaking. Whether in manually wound or automatic movements, the fine perlage and polishing of the components ensure that it is always a pleasure to observe the watch’s inner workings through its sapphire crystal glass back. Furthermore, all NOMOS calibers are famed for their extraordinary precision—they are adjusted in six positions in order to achieve the best results.

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