What happens with my world timer if I just stay at home on the sofa? And how should I care for my watchstrap? You will find answers to these and other frequently asked questions related to the sections

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World time questions

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In general

Wasn't there once another company called NOMOS?

Does NOMOS have a direct sales outlet?

What does the affix SA after NOMOS Glashütte mean?

A few years ago, it became known that ETA decided to no longer supply companies with ébauche kits. Has NOMOS been affected by this?

What does the designation “DUW” stand for?

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On our watches

Why are some NOMOS watches labeled with "Made in Germany" and others with only "Germany"?

How are NOMOS watches adjusted?

Allergies: Does NOMOS use nickel-free stainless steel? And what other materials?

Can I swim, shower, or go to the sauna with my watch?

How, how often, and when should I wind my watch?

Does it damage my NOMOS automatic watch if I always wind it by hand? 

How can I set the date on my NOMOS?

My watch's movement has gold-plated surfaces. Is it a forgery?

Is my Tangente with an ostrich leather strap that came in a small blue cardboard box a fake?

Can my steel watch also be equipped with a sapphire crystal case back?

I have a watch winder. What is the best setting for my NOMOS watch?

What happens when my watch becomes magnetized?

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World Time Questions

Why are NOMOS watches with a second time zone different from other watches with this function?

What use is a world-time watch to me, anyway?

What is the difference between the Tangomat GMT and the Zürich Weltzeit?

And what happens with my world-time watch if I simply remain sitting on my sofa at home?

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Can I as a consumer make special requests?

Will I receive a confirmation when I have registered?

Why should I register my watch?

How often should my watch go in for service?

If my watch ever breaks down, can I send it directly to Glashütte for repairs?

And what should I do if I encounter some unexpected problem, or if something doesn't work as it should?

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How long will my Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap last?

How do I care for my Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap?

My Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan now has some ugly white spots. What does this mean?

Why does my Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan look a bit brownish?

Can I also get a metal bracelet or a deployment clasp for my watch?

Are all straps made from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan?

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