Tidied up for the photo: a watchmaking bench at NOMOS Glashütte.

Manufacturer for fine watches

In the world of fine mechanical watches, a company that does not buy in the movements (also known as calibers) of its watches from third parties but instead designs and makes its own is extremely rare. NOMOS Glashütte not only develops and produces its own calibers;  up to 95 percent of every NOMOS movement is crafted in-house, on site in Glashütte. Only 50 percent is required by the Glashütte regulation.

And the vast majority is made by hand: Plates, bridges, milling wheels, bluing screws, beveling edges, regulating calibers to the finest. It often takes years from the first design drawing to market readiness, when the watch can be sent out into the world. With an unbelievable amount of effort and a great detail of patience, we produce and perfect the pieces of our movements. When high-tech is more precise than handcrafting—when it comes to a thousandth of a millimeter—we also use machines: There are processes that would be much more expensive and with a quality that could hardly be matched if we were to avoid the use of high-tech entirely.

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