Tetra Berlin set

The angular NOMOS classic Tetra is now available in truly metropolitan colors: Created by NOMOS’ in-house creative agency Berlinerblau in the Kreuzberg district of the German capital, the Tetra Berlin set is a little extravagant—and also tastefully becoming. The capital is namely also a city in which perceived contradictions clash into harmony: Busses, trams, and the subway here will take you as far as Vietnam or Russia. In Berlin, you can live Turkish, Italian, or Swabian—and still be as choosy as you want. Following a good breakfast, there is much going on in Berlin—and now also on your wrist.


Four variations of the NOMOS classic in four all-new colors: Those are the watches of the Berlin Quartet Set. The most elegant of them is Tetra Goldelse with its rose gold dial. Tetra Clärchen gleams in vigorous green while Tetra Nachtijall, elegant in deep blue, reminisces of blue hours and wild nights like a nightingale singing in the Grunewald forest. A tick ahead of its time is Tetra Kleene—and this, thanks to its caliber DUW 4301, with the utmost accuracy typical of NOMOS. Its elegant turquoise dial also features a golden power reserve indicator.


The gold-plated hands of Tetra Goldelse splendidly harmonize with its shining dial. Particularly delicate are the twin lugs of the watch, which hold the straps in place.

Though of the same size, this watch is still the Kleene of the Berlin set—yet perfectly knows how to assert itself, for it is the only one with an elegant golden power reserve indicator.

The models of the Tetra Berlin set are based on the angular NOMOS classic model Tetra, which allows for fine proportions on the wrist with its particularly thin case.

The watches of the tetra Berlin set observe tradition yet also keep pace with the times. Their gold-plated hands and dials shine in the most beautiful colors of the city: bold turquoise, promising gold, vivid green, and gallant night blue. These are supremely harmonious watches yet at the same time a rather mixed bag—almost as colorful as Berlin itself. Particularly beautiful is the golden power reserve indicator of the model Tetra Kleene, which tells you when it’s time to refuel.


Thanks to the in-house NOMOS swing system and a power reserve indicator in gold, DUW 4301 ticks most beautifully within Tetra Kleene.

Great times ahead: The reliable and widely praised hand-wound Alpha caliber from NOMOS Glashütte.

Kleene, Goldelse, Clärchen, and Nachtijall are true Berlin urban watches—and yet carry Glashütte in their hearts. The reliable NOMOS hand-wound Alpha caliber ticks within three of these timepieces, while model Kleene, in exquisite turquoise, is powered by caliber DUW 4301. This model also features a power reserve indicator, which will let you know when it is time to refuel with a simple turn of the crown—leaving you more time to experience Berlin.

Name giver

In the Clärchen Ballroom in Berlin, dancing goes on until five in the morning—and has for over one hundred years now. This ballroom was opened in 1913 and named after the wife of its founder. Tetra Clärchen also carries her name—though it remains wide-awake and keeps on ticking after all the other Berliner dancers have gone to bed. Tetra Nachtijall also tells stories of (deep) blue hours—and is thus in the best company possible, since no city has more singing nightingales than Berlin. The other members of the Berlin Quartet are Tetra Goldelse (its role model is the highest lady in the city gracing the top of the Berlin Victory Column) and Tetra Kleene—a model that, with its golden power reserve, knows where to go both in the capital city and in life.

A source of inspiration for designers at NOMOS Glashütte: The Clärchen Ballroom in Berlin. People have danced in the hall of mirrors of this local institution (pictured here) for over a century. (Copyright: Schönberg/Clärchens Ballhaus)

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