Doctors Without Borders

Whether in Syria, the Central African Republic, or Greece—the Nobel Prize winning organization is deployed around the globe, helping with more than 33,000 collaborators in conflict zones, epidemics, famines, and assisting fleeing and displaced peoples.

But aid costs money. 25 sets of wound dressings, five emergency shelters, three full treatments of ready-to-use therapeutic food for children suffering from acute severe malnutrition: Examples of what purchasing one of these fundraising watches can achieve. For every one of these limited edition watches for Doctors Without Borders, 100 EUR or GBP will be donated (depending on location). That is a huge amount. And yet these special editions do not cost more than usual, since NOMOS Glashütte and our retailers are covering this sum, not the customers.


The NOMOS watches for Doctors Without Borders are all prizewinning, classic designs. They feature a red 12 and small inscription beneath the 6 referring to the Nobel Peace Prize winning organization, in German and English respectively. These watches are raising funds for Doctors Without Borders’ humanitarian assistance in crisis zones—providing clean water, operations, and medicines to those who need it most. After all, aid costs money. To date, NOMOS Glashütte in collaboration with its retailers has donated over half a million Euros to Doctors Without Borders.


The red twelve on the dials of the special editions is a subtle allusion to the cooperation with the Nobel Prize winning organization.

The dials of the special edition models are white silver-plated. At the bottom, under the six, the name Doctors Without Borders features in a small inscription.

At the heart of the watches ticks the hand-wound Alpha caliber, as the view through the sapphire crystal glass back reveals here. Furthermore, the engraving references the emergency aid organization.

NOMOS Glashütte has already produced 8000 watches for Doctors Without Borders. They are all prizewinners, and renowned classic models from the NOMOS brand.

These limited edition watches have a few special features: the small inscription “Doctors Without Borders” on the dial under the six, as well as a special engraving on the back referring to the humanitarian organization. In addition, these special models have black oxidized hands instead of the usual tempered blue ones—and a red twelve; as red is the color of MSF and of international aid.


These special edition watch models for Doctors Without Borders are powered by our most popular caliber: The tried and tested hand-wound Alpha movement, ticking away accurately inside. It will reliably carry out its duties for almost two days before it needs rewinding.

Doctors Without Borders

Women and children start gathering early in the morning in front of the Doctors Without Borders distribution point for ready-to-use therapeutic food in Niger: Additional nutrition will be distributed to 1500 women on this day. When the number of malnourished children exponentially increases during periods of starvation, mothers receive monthly packets of calorie- and nutrient-rich paste derived from peanuts. Three tablespoons a day, in addition to their regular food, can help protect a child from the consequences of malnutrition.

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NOMOS Glashütte has released twelve basic models to date—click here for an overview. Collections span over families—for example the neomatik series, but also the limited edition models for Doctors Without Borders, the Tetra Berlin Set, the 33 Series and our Haute Horlogerie Gold collection.