Gold watches from the NOMOS Atelier

Lambda and Lux: Works of watchmaking wonder, which will retain their beauty for the decades to come and whose value will only grow over time. The gold collection from NOMOS Glashütte combines the finest watchmaking with refined, timeless design—creating unique pieces that count among the very best to have ever been produced in Glashütte. They also beautifully complement the smart mechanics of the NOMOS steel collection. The exquisite NOMOS calibers DUW 1001 and 2002 tick at their heart, representing traditional watchmaking craft at the highest level.


Golden works of art from the NOMOS Atelier: Lambda and Lux are haute horlogerie watches of exceptional elegance, crafted by hand with an incredible amount of effort and set in cases of 18 kt white and rose gold. The NOMOS gold watch Lambda is also available in a smaller size, with a diameter of 39 millimeters, as well as with refined dials in samtschwarz (black velvet) and tiefblau (deep blue). Lux comes in colorful versions as well—three at once: Lux Hermelin, Zikade, and Zobel are the names of the three models with dials in gray, lemon yellow, and aubergine purple.


The hand-engraved balance cock reads “lovingly produced in Glashütte.” A greeting from the NOMOS Glashütte Atelier—and a promise that the best remains mostly hidden from view.

Flattering to the eye, the wrist, and the touch: The crown of the gold watch Lambda, here in rose gold.

Here the screw balance and the hand-engraved balance cock (featuring swan neck fine adjustment) are being inserted into the movement.

An investment on the wrist: Gold chatons, polished with elderflower pith, are just one example of the delicately crafted parts in the movements of these watches.

The edges of the balance cock in each and every caliber are beveled by hand with a rotating polishing tool.

These watches show what our watchmaking company is capable of, as they contain all our watchmaking knowledge and skill: Each gold timepiece is unique and handcrafted—with the degree of expertise that has made Glashütte’s fine watchmaking world-famous. Lambda and Lux are not for boasting. Rather, these are watches that make values tangible: Craftsmanship at its best, with many wonderful details.


DUW 1001 and DUW 2002 are the names of the two exquisite calibers ticking within the gold watches from NOMOS Glashütte. With these two calibers—and the timepieces equipped with them—our watchmaking company has once again gone to extreme efforts in production and assembly. If you would like to learn more, here you can see for yourself in a few minutes how we make these watches.


Caliber DUW 1001 ticks within NOMOS' gold model Lambda—craftsmanship at its very best.

Beauty, mostly hidden: The shape caliber DUW 2002 from NOMOS Glashütte.

Fine watchmaking of the finest caliber is at the heart of these extravagant timepieces from the NOMOS Atelier: the hand-wound movements DUW 1001 (Lambda) and DUW 2002 (Lux). The caliber side—presented through the lavish sapphire crystal glass back—is traditionally opulent: swan neck fine adjustment, rhodium-plated three-quarter plate, beveled and hand-polished edges, and the exclusive sunburst fine polishing that can only be found at NOMOS Glashütte. Particularly eye-catching is the hand-engraved balance cock featuring the inscription “Mit Liebe in Glashütte gefertigt” (“lovingly produced in Glashütte”).


The watches in the NOMOS gold collection are equipped with a particularly fine strap crafted from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan. This is cushioned (making it particularly comfortable to wear) and remborde—which means that the upper and lining leather are not only stitched, but also seamlessly joined together. Holding things together is NOMOS buckle clasp, exclusively designed for the gold collection in 18 kt gold—in and by itself a piece of jewelry. Furthermore, this watch comes in a travel case crafted from full-grain leather.

NOMOS Atelier

Alexandra Kluge, 28, is a watchmaker at the atelier of NOMOS Glashütte—and a master of her trade in every sense of the word. For over three years now, she has crafted here the Haute Horlogerie watches of our gold collection, which are among the finest ever to have been produced in Glashütte: gold chatons polished on elderberry pith, a hand-engraved greeting on the balance cock, Glashütte sunbeam polishing. Miss Kluge, aren’t you incredibly proud of yourself? “Oh, the artisan craftsmanship came from my grandfather,” she says—and she found working with gold rather intimidating at first. The NOMOS atelier just doesn’t seem to be the right place for braggers.

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