33 Series

Timepieces that manage to combine a clear and tasteful design with the perfect proportions: These are the watches of the 33 series from NOMOS Glashütte. Why 33? The number does not reference the age of the wearer but rather the somewhat reduced diameter of Tangente, Orion, and Ludwig. The classic square watch Tetra also belongs to the series somehow; with an edge-length of 27 millimeters, it comes in two versions for smaller wrists. All watches of the 33 series are equipped with the same great movement—NOMOS’ hand-wound caliber Alpha.


NOMOS’ classics Tangente, Ludwig, Orion, and the square watch Tetra—smaller and tastefully delicate. With a diameter of 33 millimeters and an edge-length of 27 millimeters respectively, the cases of these timepieces are a little smaller and thus suitable for more delicate wrists in particular.


Time is gold: Tangente, the original NOMOS watch, also comes in a smaller size with a gold-plated dial and hands.

Ticks forward while looking back: The special model Orion 1989 in elegant November gray with golden hands and indexes, inspired by the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Finer than pearls and twin set—and certainly contemporary: The little sister of classic model Orion, with a rose dial and golden indexes.

Clear lines, a dial in beautiful gray, hands in gleaming silver: Tangente 33 grau.

Beautifully delicate—and unquestionably classic: Orion, here with a diameter of 33 millimeters and a light-brown velour strap.

The models of the 33 series are tasteful, unpretentious—and with a feminine touch, owed particularly to a splash of color. Their dials come in either anthracite or November gray, rose or even gold, with exquisite beveled edges and golden indexes. Since it better matches their gentleness, these watches come with a velour strap; these are lighter and finer, yet still durable. Only Tetra 27 has a Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap.


All the watches of the 33 series tick with the hand-wound Alpha caliber—a tried-and-tested, highly praised movement from NOMOS Glashütte. Alpha makes these models into highly refined timepieces—they are ten watches of the finest provenance, which will accompany their wearer for at least a lifetime. And they are simply beautiful.

More beautiful wrists

Teatime in style: Tangente 33 grau (with cake and a cup of oolong).

As pretty as a picture: The classic Orion 33 model is a constant source of inspiration.

Looking for the perfect fit? Tangente is always a good choice and suits everyone (here in a 33-millimeter size).

Ludwig 33 for more delicate wrists—and a little ikebana.

Good things come in small packages! Such as the shape watch Tetra—here with an edge length of 27 millimeters.

Femininity can often require a great deal of gold, polished jewels, and decorations. But the models of the 33 series are simply smaller watches with perfect proportions, clear lines, and outstanding mechanics. Created for women who place value on a high-quality in-house caliber, but prefer to leave the frills to one side. And who know how to appreciate a fine timepiece.

More collections

NOMOS Glashütte has released twelve basic models to date—click here for an overview. Collections span over families—for example the neomatik series, but also the limited edition models for Doctors Without Borders, the Tetra Berlin Set, the 33 Series and our Haute Horlogerie Gold collection.