The pallet in the NOMOS swing system is equipped with fine ruby pallet stones. Like tiny legs, they hook onto the teeth of the escape wheel.

The escape wheel does not turn continually inside the timepiece; it turns incrementally, tick by tick, via the movement of the pallet.

The NOMOS swing system is the heart of the movement. Pictured here: the balance wheel with the blue NOMOS balance spring.

The NOMOS swing system gives the movement its metronymic heartbeat—and is a declaration of independence in the world of fine watches.

An in-house escapement: The NOMOS swing system

Assortiment, reglage, escapement, swing system: 
The system of the balance, balance spring, escape wheel and pallet—that powers
 a mechanical watch and sets the pace—has many names in the watchmaking world. NOMOS Glashütte now has its own, in-house designed and built system—which is called the NOMOS swing system.  

It is of the very best quality and meticulously tested, so that the watch ticks just right.
 To craft such a perfect watch part is a true skill. Until now, it was quite impossible for small watchmaking companies as it was too difficult, too complicated, and too expensive. The only option was to craft parts by hand at immense cost—ten or one hundred pieces, but not affordable series production. This is why nearly all brands source their systems from the same few specialized producers in Switzerland.  

After all, the pallet, escape wheel and balance (and the other tiny parts that also belong to the swing system) do not only have to be perfect in themselves, exact down to the mu, but also an extremely well functioning team. “Managing to do this feels a little like landing on the moon,” explains Uwe Ahrendt, NOMOS Glashütte’s General Manager.

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