News from NOMOS

March 2017

Tangente neomatik is the “Classic Watch of the Year 2017”

For NOMOS Glashütte the world’s biggest watch fair started off with a bang. On the first day of Baselworld, Tangente neomatik won the top prize in the “Watch of the Year” awards: Readers of the German publications “Welt am Sonntag” and “Armbanduhren” chose the bestseller from Glashütte for “Classic Watch of the Year 2017.”

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February 2017


We have yet another reason to celebrate! For the sixth year in a row, we are delighted to receive the iF Design Award, which is one of the longest established and most respected prizes in the industry.

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January 2017


More turnover, more watches, more employees, and, yes, more champagne bubbles too: NOMOS Glashütte has just enjoyed a very good year—the most successful in the company’s history. And all the better, since the watch industry in general is turbulent: "That things are going so well for us during these times makes us twice as happy," says NOMOS CEO Uwe Ahrendt. Now for 2017 and our most important New Year’s resolution: We’ll continue to build the best watches—that’s a promise!

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October 2016

neomatik: three new watches in midnight blue

The neomatik family is welcoming three new members: Metro neomatik, Tangente neomatik, and Minimatik in midnight blue. Three new watches that are dark, masculine, and elegant—perfect for parties, premieres, and podiums. Along with Tetra neomatik nachtblau, they form a cohesive group within the neomatik series.

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August 2016


It’s no secret that we’ve been working on something special: an automatic version of the classic model Tetra, presented as a prototype in Basel in spring this year. We’re proud to announce that the wait is finally over: The deliveries of our new watch start now.

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July 2016

German Brand Award in Gold for NOMOS Glashütte

It’s official: NOMOS Glashütte is the “Best Brand in Luxury” and counts among Germany’s top brands. We have received Gold for the brand as a whole at the renowned German Brand Awards.

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April 2016

Baselworld 2016

Like the German football team captained by Fritz Walter back in 1954, NOMOS Glashütte won big this year in Switzerland—not in Bern but in Basel: NOMOS was the watch company of the hour at Baselworld 2016. Counter to the overall trend in the industry, we are currently one of the very few companies seeing increased growth—leading in almost all areas. Baselworld also saw the launch of the neomatik series, which followed the immense success of the quickly sold-out 1st edition.

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March 2016

Automatic elevated to the square

We assume you have already seen the neomatik version of the classic NOMOS model Tetra: bigger, thinner, and more masculine than before. Or rather two versions, since we are not talking about one but two watches. Tetra neomatik comes in white as well as deep navy blue—with the dial of Tetra neomatik tiefblau being unmistakably related to that of Ahoi Atlantik.

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March 2016

Minimatik: Gold again! (And many more prizes)

A favorite among the general public and specialists alike: NOMOS Minimatik was not only voted the “Classic Watch of the Year” by the readership of the Welt am Sonntag and the German watch publication Armbanduhren, but has also won both the Good Design and iF Awards. Now, the young watch has also taken home the Red Dot Award in the category “Best of the Best.”

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November 2015

Looking for neomatik?

Here is what you can do to get one of our new automatic watches.

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October 2015

Watchmaking from above

The word manufacture is comprised of two Latin roots: manus meaning, “hand” and factura, “to make.” In the watchmaking industry, a company is referred to as a manufactory if it creates and assembles its movements in-house, rather than sourcing them from third party suppliers. Today NOMOS Glashütte remains one of very few true watch manufactories in the world.

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August 2015

Ahoy, Berlin!

The last two weeks in Berlin have been some of the hottest this year! Thomas Höhnel, designer of the NOMOS Ahoi, spent them in the office (where else?) working on the new collection, which NOMOS Glashütte will be introducing very soon. But since this new collection is still under wraps, we thought instead we would ask Thomas, who has lived in the city for the past 16 years, to share some insider tips. What does Thomas Höhnel, designer of the NOMOS Ahoi, like to do on these long, warm summer days?

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