Tetra neomatik Pärchen


Elegant, incredibly thin, crafted in Glashütte: Introducing the neomatik series from NOMOS Glashütte. These watches are revolutionarily slender and outstandingly accurate; they are likewise cosmopolitan, cultivated, and contemporary. At the heart of these timepieces—some akin to existing NOMOS models, others of an entirely new design—is a movement of the next generation, the automatic caliber DUW 3001. Thanks to the latest construction techniques, it is only 3.2 millimeters in height, thus being thinner than anything else that self-winds and is produced in large-scale series.


15 new watches that tick just right—all it takes is a small movement of the arm. All fifteen of them are highly elegant, contemporary and, as is standard for Glashütte watches, also highly precise. Each model comes in several versions; all 15 with a white silver-plated dial, many with a champagne-colored one, and some selected models with a beautiful midnight blue as well.


Introducing Tangente neomatik nachtblau. Typically NOMOS: the sub-seconds dial. Typically neomatik: its neon-orange seconds hand.

The neomatik series is classic—yet surprises with perfectly measured details of color. Seen here: the golden perlage on the cyan blue minute markers of Minimatik.

The golden inscription on the dials of neomatik watches bespeaks the new automatic class from NOMOS Glashütte.

Ultra-thin, elegant, and remarkably modern: That is Tetra neomatik nachtblau. Traces of green and gold splendidly harmonize with the fine dial.

After the success of the first edition, neomatik is being continued—with a few small changes: For example, Minimatik champagner no longer features the neon rings circling the small seconds.

The dot relief on Metro neomatik nachtblau's crown? It is reminiscent of the precision tools that every watchmaker needs for their work.

Classic NOMOS and yet new: Tangente neomatik champagner. The neon orange highlights of the minute markers are emblematic of the innovation within—the automatic caliber DUW 3001.

Particularly eye-catching, aside from the new NOMOS automatic movement DUW 3001, is the design of the neomatik watches: Colorful accents on a white silver-plated, champagne-colored or midnight blue dial ensure a dash of avant-garde, and the remborde straps from the finest leather are complemented by the exclusively designed NOMOS buckle clasp.


Roll the film—and hear what the experts have to say. Industrial designer Simon Husslein reveals what makes Minimatik from the neomatik series so special; Mark Braun, the designer behind Metro, presents the latest automatic version of his award-winning watch. Finally, Theodor Prenzel, the brains behind the new automatic caliber DUW 3001, explains how the motor of the next generation was created.





The new timepieces in the neomatik series are exceptionally slender—thanks to their super-thin movement. DUW 3001, the tenth proprietary caliber from NOMOS Glashütte, is defining an entirely new standard of self-winding watches: Only 3.2 millimeters in height, exceptionally precise, and equipped with a very special heart, the NOMOS swing system.


The finest accompaniment: The straps of the new automatic class are intricately remborde and come with the beautifully designed NOMOS clasp. For neomatik, they are produced in two versions—the iconic black Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan complements the white silver-plated and midnight blue versions, while natural-colored cowhide accompanies the champagne-colored watches. The accompanying soft case is also crafted from the finest black leather—wonderfully soft, with a lining in a refined shade of anthracite.

Uwe Ahrendt's promise

“Whichever one is your favorite: We produce only the best watches. With our base of watchmaking knowledge, drawing on over 170 years of tradition, a great deal of craftsmanship—and a dash of high-tech where it is more effective than working by hand. Our town is renowned worldwide as a center of fine watchmaking. Not only do the best watchmakers in the country work in Glashütte; this is also the location of the famous horology school where generations of Swiss watchmakers once learned their trade.

There are a number of mechanical watch producers in Glashütte. However, NOMOS Glashütte is the company that does everything itself: DUW 3001 is the tenth proprietary caliber from our brand. Purchasing movements—the heart of a mechanical watch—from third parties is the norm in the watchmaking world. This, for us, is out of the question, since we can only ensure the quality of our timepieces by building the entire caliber by ourselves. In purchasing a NOMOS watch, you are acquiring a timepiece that has only been allowed to leave our workshops after over 50 strict quality controls. We go to levels of effort that many would consider extreme. This is why buying a NOMOS watch is an investment in lasting values—in something that stands the test of time. You have my word.”

Uwe Ahrendt, NOMOS CEO and Partner

More Collections

NOMOS Glashütte has released twelve basic models to date—click here for an overview. Collections span over families—for example the neomatik series, but also the limited edition models for Doctors Without Borders, the Tetra Berlin Set, the 33 Series, and our Haute Horlogerie Gold collection.